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GASFAA Members!


The Georgia Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (GASFAA) Executive Board welcomes you to 2019-2020—another great year of extensive support to our profession and to you, the members—without whom our organization would not exist!  

The Georgia Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators was established in 1967 with the purpose to promote professional preparation and effectiveness for Student Financial Aid Administrators in postsecondary institutions, governmental agencies, foundations, lending institutions, and others that administer student financial aid programs. Your involvement will help better prepare you for success in financial aid administration and compliance. We exist to promote and develop effective programs pertinent to student financial aid across our state. Some of this year’s highlights will include a mentor/mentee program to develop mentors, leaders, and enhance confidence and provide resources to mentees. GASFAA will facilitate communication to engage an exchange of ideas and experiences. We also have the purpose to promote systematic studies, cooperative experiments, extensive trainings, workshops, our conference, and additional engagements to fulfill the purpose of GASFAA. As always, we look forward to you joining us for our annual conference/training May 27, 2020 to May 29, 2020 at the Hilton Atlanta Northeast where we will further work toward the mission and purpose of GASFAA. 

Our theme this year is Enhance Your Learning. Pass It Forward. Make a Difference. Participating with GASFAA will allow you to dig deeper into the policies and systems required of our profession, share the knowledge you’ve acquired, and make positive differences at your institutions and with the communities of students and families within which we live and work.

While each of us is unique in our career pathways, each of us has individual and powerful stories that led us to this profession. The stories we hear from each other and students continue to increase our passion for this profession. I was a financial aid recipient in college and a first-generation college student. I knew I had to have financial aid to accomplish my educational dreams. When I began my career in financial aid, I reflected on my experience as a college student and was excited to have the opportunity to teach and assist students and colleagues. It is fulfilling to help the next generation of college students understand financial aid so they can succeed in their classes and future careers.

My career and life changed through my purposeful involvement in the GASFAA workshops, training events, and community. It helped shape my career-gaining knowledge, developing meaningful relationships and a network that even evolved into having a mentor, gaining leadership skills, and learning from and sharing with others. GASFAA membership is essential for your personal and institutional successes to ensure our institutions remain compliant in the world of changing rules and regulations at the state and national levels. You will gain more knowledge and new experiences through advanced trainings, workshops, the conference, relationship building, leadership development, learning of new products from sponsors to streamline processes, remain compliant, and more.

I am honored and humbled to serve as your 2019-2020 GASFAA President. The Executive Board is excited to serve you.  We look forward to the involvement. Becoming active and involved—collaborating with the board to ensure we’re being effective—will mean you are best prepared to tackle your daily work with accurate facts and knowledge and with service-minded approaches for our internal and external customers. If I or the Board can assist you or answer any questions, please reach out to me. It’s going to be a great year!


Lakisha Sanders
GASFAA President, 2019-2020
[email protected]