Volunteer now for the 2021-22 academic year!


My focus this year is teamwork. We are coming out of a year where it has become evident that we need to lean on each other. It is often said that individuals play the game, but teams win championships. I think this is so very true! I cannot do everything by myself to make sure GASFAA continues to make an impact. That is where teamwork comes into play.  

Please consider volunteering with GASFAA during our 2021-2022 year, where hopefully we will be back in person and continue to thrive. The volunteer form will only be open through July 18th this year. 

The committees have different time commitments, some are not all year round, others are will only meet twice a year- hopefully, there is one that interests you. We value GASFAA's thoughts and input which is there are several committees to consider. 

Angela Tate 

2021-2022 GASFAA President  

GASFAA Committees for 2021-2022 

Awards/Nominations - This committee presents GASFAA with a slate of officers prior to the Spring Conference. The committee shall ascertain that nominees for each office are qualified to serve and are willing to faithfully fulfill the duties of their prospective offices. In addition, this committee solicits nominations from the membership for the established GASFAA awards. 

Diversity- GASFAA is committed to a diverse, inclusive, and equitable Association where all members and volunteers, whatever their gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or identity, feels valued and respected.  The Diversity Committee will review advocacy and action opportunities for GASFAA on behalf of the students we serve and the financial aid administrators we represent. 

Community Actions Chair–Use the GASFAA listserv and website to publish articles on current issues, membership news, announcements, and other events of interest for the membership. This committee produces the electronic GASFAA newsletter. This committee will organize and manage the Food Drive and the annual Silent Auction at the conference, which supports the GASFAA Memorial Scholarship fund. 

Technology – Enhance and oversee the GASFAA website and ensure that it is current. Assist members with all website-related needs and approve job submissions.  Increase working knowledge and functionality of Member-Clicks software. 

Legislative Affairs - Informs the membership of impending legislation and proposed changes to the student financial assistance programs in a timely manner. 

Budget and Finance - Oversees GASFAA's investments and the budget to ensure the future stability of our organization. Further, the committee monitors expenditures to ensure adherence to the current Strategic Plan. 

Compliance - Work with Committee to identify regulatory developments of relevance and interest to the GASFAA community and assess compliance protocols, policies, and procedures to best meet the regulatory requirements.  Members of the committee should play an active role in the creation and implementation of policies and procedures for their financial aid office. 

Membership Development - Promotes the value of GASFAA to all areas of the financial aid community for membership. The committee multiple communication efforts to non-members and implements initiatives upon board approval. 

Professional Development - Explores subject matter and coordinates several training opportunities relevant to all areas of financial aid throughout the year, which include the Fall Workshop, Winter Workshop, and other relevant training. The committee will organize the pre-conference workshop, which is deemed the "Hot Topic" of the current financial aid community. Due to the nature of this committee, members with significant Financial Aid experience and public speaking and those that want to build public speaking confidence by co-presenting are needed. 

Program - Plans and organizes the annual Spring Conference. This committee is responsible for securing session topics, presenter selections, preparing conference programs, planning conference entertainment, and selecting a conference theme. 

Leadership and Mentorship - Plans leadership and mentorship experiences through your feedback of development and systems needs and other volunteer activities. 

Vendor/Sponsor - Seeks financial support for conferences, publications, and other corporation’s business from appropriate vendors and sponsors. The committee also arranges display space for the vendors/sponsors at conferences and ensures that the vendors/sponsors receive proper recognition to the membership for their support. 

 Join us as a volunteer for the 2021-22 academic year and complete the online volunteer form HERE!